Primus tempus

a filmic collage | 5 minutes | 2014 music by Jari Suominen Reorganized fragments of television commercials create an illusion that is different from the original clips. The images are still enchanting and appealing, but lack a direct connection to the product. The context and interpretation become more vague and open.  


short experimental film | 2 min 45 s | 2013 From monday morning to friday evening. Realisation Sini Liimatainen & Azar Saiyar Sound design Sakari Luhtala A cinematic survey about time and how we handle it. The interviews were conducted during one Saturday afternoon in a shopping center. Super 8mm material was shot at one…Read more Ring


documentary | 22 min | 2010 Between places. Between people. Helsinki-Tehran is a cinematic study on immigration and memory – on the shared verbal and nonverbal knowledge and emotional understanding which travels with displaced people from one generation to another. The film uses various cinematic styles and techniques. Director: Azar Saiyar Cinematography: Sini Liimatainen, Olli…Read more Helsinki-Tehran